Our Focus on SME'S

We offer a specific service to SME's - you can outsource a Financial Executive / Financial Manager while your organisation builds these skills internally. This means that your organisation can get the benefit of a skilled financial and tax practitioner who will provide this service for a number of hours, or days, per month. We have a group of skilled people that we can call on to provide you with the right skills, at the right time and at the right cost to you.

These skills can be summarised as follows:

Financial Executive

- Providing strategic financial direction for the entity
- Initiating and managing relationships with stakeholders
- Interacting with the executives and governing body
- Preparation of financial policies
- Preparation of business plans
- Providing leadership and management of the financial unit

Financial Manager

- Managing the financial unit
- Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
- Interaction with bankers, insurers and other professional service providers
- Preparation of relevant returns, as required
- Other pre-determined services as required

Other Services

- Full bookkeeping 
- Outsource your bookkeeping for a fraction of the cost of a full time bookkeeper
- Tax Services
- corporate and individual
- Review of agreements entered into by the entity which have financial implications
- Mentoring of the organisation's staff